BIOS For Business

Advanced positioning application for security, geofencing, contact-tracing, occupancy, personnel safety, and asset tracking.

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BIOS System

BIOS for business is a new positioning application built using worlds most advanced patented location technology, delivering sub-meter accuracy over BLE and WiFi. The BIOS system uses minimum number of detectors to deliver the maximum coverage for indoor positioning, lowering cost of deployment, and increasing ROI.

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System Elements

BIOS system is comprised of five main components to perform indoor positioning functions:

  1. Perimeter Detectors
  2. BIOS App – used by staff on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) for contact tracing, positioning, occupancy, and access control.
  3. Wearables – used by staff for contact tracing, positioning, occupancy, and access control.
  4. Nodes – used on equipment and other assets for positioning, geofencing, and security.
  5. Dashboard - used by designated personnel, to review activities and assets, generate reports, and program the fields devices.

BIOS 3388 - Wireless Perimeter Detector

Positioning measurements are performed by wireless wall or ceiling-mounted detectors throughout the workplace, at predetermined intervals, that form a radio map around the facility. WiFi or BLE enabled electronic devices located within the perimeter field register their position with the BIOS-3388 devices.


The BIOS app provides safety for staff members and visitors. Company personnel can complete a self-assessment form for daily-check-ins. The BIOS app performs social distancing measurements, delivering critical tracing information to managers over the BIOS dashboard. In case of infectious events, the BIOS dashboard reports on likely transmissions, enabling early detection of asymptomatic infections for a controlled isolation of infected personnel to contain the spread at work, increasing safety, continuity, and productivity.

BIOS Wearables

Designed for comfort and effective contact tracing, BIOS wearables provide accurate distancing and instant alerts with functionality of the BIOS app built-in to the device. The wearables are lightweight and fabricated with tough plastic for durability. In cases where smartphones may be restricted, BIOS rechargeable portable devices provide the perfect substitute with battery life lasting up to one month on a single charge.

BIOS Dashboard

BIOS dashboard consolidates proximity, occupancy, and positioning data from the BIOS app, wearables and BIOS-3388 perimeter detectors into a singular interface. The dashboard also contains screens used to program BIOS devices and apps. Instant notifications are sent to designated staff for critical alerts such as high-risk interactions, occupancy thresholds, and illness. Assets can be tracked live on indoor maps and geofencing can be defined based on facility perimeter for alerts on intrusion or theft. BIOS dashboard is a unique technology that provides business intelligence for managers.

BIOS data is protected by the world’s most secure encryption known as Cryptonite™, based on the next generation encryption standards published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

BIOS Use Cases

BIOS for business is a flexible application with a variety of use cases. Applications range form anti-theft system to medical triage and contact tracing. BIOS system can function as each use case independently or as a fully integrated system with multi-faceted operation in real-time. Some of the applications for BIOS for business include:

Wristbands or lanyards are provided to patients during reception at the hospital. BIOS system will perform indoor positioning and contact tracing for patients and hospital staff.

Public transport vehicle carries BIOS-3388 device with the BIOS App on a single mobile device. Contact tracing is performed for each passenger boarding and de-boarding the vehicle with timestamps.

Wristbands or lanyards are provided to members along with a self-assessment during check-in. BIOS Nodes are mounted on fitness equipment. Contact tracing is performed in case of an infectious event.

Equipment or assets can be tracked for accessibility, scheduling, or maintenance. Identify the location of equipment in a large warehouse. Provide inventory counts instantly without intensive labor and time costs.

Know the whereabouts of children, elderly, or dependents while in a crowded place. Children can be located within a geofence around playgrounds. Dementia patients can be monitored for positioning.

Proximity, frequency, duration, hotspots, and number of visitors to a booth, exhibit, or kiosk at trade shows or public facilities can provide business intelligence insights.

BIOS node modules or beacons are mounted on products or expensive equipment. If the product is removed from a given area or “geofence”, a notification is sent to facility management and security of theft.

Data-driven facility maintenance can optimize operations and lower costs. Direct maintenance activities based on high frequency visitation or occupancy of personnel or equipment.

Provide contact-tracing for staff and visitors safety. Contain infectious events to maintain business continuity. BIOS provides the most comprehensive data & reports to managers for fast pandemic response.

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