COVID-19 Prevention App

Advanced pandemic prevention tool based on geospatial technology, purpose-built to subvert an infectious disease out of society at an accelerated rate.


Developed for optimised disease pattern-recognition, BIOS strikes the perfect balance in anonymity, encryption, and data intelligence to fight pandemics.


BIOS implements advanced geospatial technology using GEOSHASH with built-in anonymity, security, and regional metrics

Pathogen Pattern

Using state-of-the-art algorithms, BIOS extracts patterns from pathogen behavior for better prediction models

Public Policy

Regional metrics help officials and medical personnel design policies with minimum social and economic impact


BIOS' contact tracing encryption called "Cryptonite" survives hackathon, remains ubroken!

HACKATHON - JUNE 14th, 2020

BIOS hosted a four (4) hour online hackathon inviting experts to break BIOS’ Cryptonite data-packet on a ZOOM conference, live . Engineers, mathematicians, physicists, cryptographers, media, and enthusiasts were invited to join. BIOS also provided a live commentary with guests speakers from around the globe to discuss privacy and general challenges related to pandemics. The event was streamed live on Facebook. Nobody was able to decypher BIOS' Cryptonite encryption; cryptographers and programmers stating that it was not possible to break.

Up for the challenge? Join the next BIOS Cryptonite Hackathon... Email us at cryptonite@thebiosapp.com to register.

What will I need to do to win the hackathon ?

Given that BIOS is a contact tracing app, and privacy is paramount, the challenge will entail two objectives to win:

  1. 1. Reverse the encryption or hash to determine the original data, and
  2. 2. Identify who the original data belongs to
Both objectives need to be met in order to qualify for the prize.

Tracking Covid-19 infections and travel paths has reached the highest level of priority for governments around the world. If a contact tracing app is going to be used, the technology employed to anonymize and secure user generated data should be subjected to a test.

The BIOS Cryptonite Hackathon is provided for free and open to all participants.

Participants must be courteous to each other. Any form of harassment, bullying, or misconduct is prohibited. If the rules set out here or through instructions provided during the hackathon are violated, BIOS reserves the right to revoke registration and participation of a participant at its discretion.


Superman hammers the BIOS app's encryption vault... only to discover it protected by Cryptonite!


BIOS implements the most robust application feature-set available in any contact-tracing application, built on a high-security anonymous token.


Geo-tokens generated by BIOS are anonymous and encrypted when stored on servers.

Control Panel

Analysis and reporting dashboard is provided for government officials and medical personnel.

Battery Life

Short-burst, transient location measurements minimize battery consumption of the app.

Accurate Positioning

Unique fusion of multiple location measurements provides highly accurate position measurements.


Instant notifications are generated for infectious event cycles and close-proximity warnings.


Full 60-day historical readout of interactions is available for users, with risk assessment.


BIOS is developed in collaboration with highly regarded medical and technological experts and advisors with pandemic response experience in field-level operations, as well as geospatial data privacy and control.

Dr. Andreas Weigend - Former Chief Scientist - Amazon

Dr. Andreas Weigend

Professor - Stanford University
Author - "Data for the People"
Chief Data Scientist - Amazon

Dr. Paul Hawkins - Former Chief of Sunnybrook Hospital

Dr. Paul Hawkins

Chief of Sunnybrook Hospital
Fellow - American Board of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Areefa Alladin-Karan - Research Methodology & Statistics University of Guyana & World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Areefa Karan

Senior Registrar GPHC
Executive member Kidney Foundation
Research Methodology & Stats - WHO

Mark J. Cameron - HPRT-C / Harvard / Cambridge MA

Mark J. Cameron M.B.

Recipient - Meritorious Service Medal
by HM Queen Elizabeth II, Founder of
CIMRO, Fellow - Stony Brook Univ. NY

Bodour Assil - PhD Candidate - Program Manager, Data Analyst, Training Designer

Bodour Assil

PhD Candidate - Gaziantep, Turkey
Project Manager - Relief International
Training Designer - Vector-Borne Diseases

Arvind Vohra - Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Philanthropist, Children with Blood Cancer - NGO

Arvind Vohra

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Founder - Children with Blood Cancer NGO
Advisor/Investor in Telecom

Clive Llewellyn - Senior Lawyer of Llewellyn Law, Member  of Law Society of Alberta and Calgary Bar Association

Clive Llewellyn

Senior Lawyer - Llewellyn Law
Member - Law Society of Alberta
Olympian - 1976 Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team

Patrick Budylowski - Medical Researcher Uniersity of Toronto

Patrick Budylowski

Medical Researcher - Univ. of Toronto
Viral Isolation - Cont. Level 3 Core Lab
COVID Therapeutics, Antibody Testing & Analysis

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Following are some frequently asked questions about BIOS. If you would like to enquire further, we will be happy to assist you. Please contact us below!

Does BIOS track me everywhere I go ?

No, BIOS does not track you. It uses your movements when in close-proximity to someone in order to create interactions and risk-assessments on your private phone for your review.

BIOS generates and stores anonymous and encrypted regional geo-tokens on the Cloud for professionals to analyse disease patterns. Location resolution is limited to 40 kilometers (25 miles) on server tokens.

If you choose to do so, you may optionally provide an email address or phone number for emergency notifications. It is not mandatory to provide your personal data.

In case you receive a notification, read it carefully. Follow the instructions provided to you in the message. The message will depend on the type of exposure risk you have had in the past with someone who has been found to be infected. Contact your doctor if you are notified to be at risk.

If you have been infected, your information will not be disclosed to your recent contacts. Your recent contacts will only receive an anonymous notification to alert them of a potential exposure risk.


Contact us for more information or ask for a live demo of the BIOS App. Our team will be happy to help with your needs.